Bridge of Consciousness (25-31)

The Bridge of Consciousness - Bridges Twenty-Five to Thirty-One

This album contains Bridges 25 to 31 of Story Waters's Bridge of Consciousness series. They are strongly connected to Story's second book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' and cover a wide range of foundational to intermediate concepts. There are currently 31 Bridges presented over four collections. This is the forth collection.

Bridge Descriptions

Bridge 25 - Let the Genie Out the Bottle - 52 mins
Let the Genie Out the Bottle has been dedicated to Robin Williams by Story and this Bridge can be freely listened to through the ONE SELF FREE LIBRARY. This Bridge was delivered live and is the only Bridge to be recorded on video. It is the energetic amplification of Unfolding 17 - The Individuation of Being from the book You Are God. Get Over It! The pre-message chat can also be watched.

Bridge 26 - Your Chosen Teacher - 54 mins
In Bridge 26 Story amplifies Unfolding 18 - Transforming Resistance into Clarity. The Bridge starts by asking you to make a choice of whether or not you are ready to embark on a journey that will release all resistance from your life. Will you flick the switch to engage the experience?

Bridge 27 - Your Relationship with Violence - 51 mins
Story returns to the Bridges with an amplification of Unfolding 19 - Releasing Violence from You Are God. Get Over It!

Bridge 28 - Seeing Through Linear Time - 57 mins
Story expands upon Unfolding 20 - You Cause What Effects You. See through the illusion of the arrow of time by perceiving without sequence in this fascinating journey into open the multi-dimensional perception of your wider Self. This is a journey of empowerment and creatorship that connects into external reality as am extension of your Self through the realization that you causing all that effects you.

Bridge 29 - Separating Fear and Pain - 49 mins
Story expands upon Unfolding 21 - Shields are Wounds. Discover how much of the experience of pain and suffering is perceptual by coming to see what elements of that pain are the manifestation and reflection of your fear/wounds.

Bridge 30 - Love As Consciousness of Fear - 39 mins
Story expands upon Unfolding 22 - You Do Not Know What You Fear. This Bridge is the first to clearly contain expressions of Hermes energy as well as Seth and StorySun.

Bridge 31 - Reaching Beyond Your Primary & Present-Focused Self-Identification - 36 mins
Story starts off expanding upon Unfolding 23 -Judgment Is A Cage but a strong voice emerges and takes over to speak about spiritual maturity and reaching beyond your primary Self that is focused in an idea of the present.

Running time: 5.5 hours.

Price: $24.