Bridge of Consciousness (9-16)

The Bridge of Consciousness
- Bridges Nine to Sixteen

This album contains Bridges 9 to 16 of Story Waters's Bridge of Consciousness series. They are strongly connected to Story's second book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' and cover a wide range of foundational to intermediate concepts. There are currently 31 Bridges presented over four collections. This is the second collection. You can purchase tracks individually ($10) or as a discounted whole.

Bridge Descriptions

Bridge 9 - The Heart of the Matter - 77 mins
This Bridge will leave you in no doubt as to the importance of living from your heart and using it as the compass that guides your life. Story opens the bridge talking about this own personal history of learning to follow his heart. This then launches into the expanded, amplified version of Unfolding 5 - Follow Your Heart which leads seamlessly into an extremely potent SunSon God Seed Activation.

Bridge 10 - Powerful Allowance - 76 mins
This bridge beautifully continues on from Bridge 9 with the topic of the heart and the full realization of the power of allowance. What is it to fully allow your being, to fully allow your life? What is it to allow yourself to love, and to allow the world to love you? What is it to allow yourself to receive? Through the full allowance you can enter the Now in your heart and birth your dream - all through allowing, rather than resisting. This powerful Bridge mp3 includes the amplification of Unfolding 6 - Allowance as well as Story's popular 'Loving Reality' channel that was originally delivered in Hamburg to an audience of 500 in 2008.

Bridge 11 - Evolving Story - 64 mins
With a strong Seth energy, StorySun dives into Unfolding 7 - Your Story which reveals how the story you tell of yourself not only creates your reality, but how your perceive it. Includes an exercise to identify the primary polarities/beliefs that you live by.

Bridge 12 - The Bridge of Equality - 78 mins
Bridge 12 focuses on the realization of the equality of all beingness as the route to seeing through duality. The Bridge includes both the amplification of Unfolding 8 - The Equality of Being and a Master Archive channel with a John energy called Why Love Is The Answer.

Bridge 13 - The Freedom of Definition - 62 mins
In Bridge 13, The Freedom of Definition, Story brings together the last two bridges by exploring the relationship between seeing the equality of being and freeing your story. This is all done whilst seeing your equality with those that choose a rigid story or framework of belief. Through perceiving the perfection and validity of all lives on Earth so you free your creative power of will to be able to choose anything - this is Freedom Consciousness. This is a highly energetic bridge with multiple powerful peaks of energy that invite you to harness the energy of change to open a new window of possibility and potential into your life.

Bridge 14 - Redefining Fear - 60 mins
In Bridge 14 - Redefining Fear Story takes you through the realization that you are Source Consciousness (every being in existence) and all that seperates you from this knowing is a self-chosen resistive force that you generally experience as fear. This leads into an extended 20 minute God Seed Activation to redefine/transform your relationship with fear by ceasing to resist it.

Bridge 15 - You Are Safe - 70 mins
In Bridge 15 - You Are Safe - Story takes multiple core concepts (fear, circular belief traps, polarity, the middle way, control) and shows how they all interrelate, revealing the 5th dimensional perspective on exactly what the experience of fear and safety is.

Bridge 16 - Be Your Self - 76 mins
Bridge 16 - Be Your Self is the first spontaneous Bridge that does not draw on any previous material and explores being ALL your Self, rather than the 'perceived' BEST of your Self.

Running time: 9+ hours.

Price: $20