Practical Channeling Amplification

Advanced follow-On Course to 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition.

20/20 Practical Channeling Amplification contains the audio broadcasts from the advanced follow-on course to 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition which led participants through a series of 7 broadcasts with online forums. For the first time you can now experience the cutting-edge broadcasts from this advanced channeling course which birthed the popular Sun Words 2 video (which can be listened to below). The broadcasts contain a mix of instructional and experimental channeling from Story Waters and Roger Hanson, as well as answering audience questions about the channeling process.

This is the perfect companion to go further with the 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition course that is also available from this store. However if you already feel you know the basics of channeling and intuition the contents of this album do stand-alone.

This album contains the seven main broadcast mp3s (approx 90 minutes each) and a 30 minute meditation.

Total running time: 11 hours.

Price: $60

This video was created from broadcast 6.