Reality is a Donut

diagram used in Session 3

diagram used in Session 3

This is the complete 8-day Story Waters course that ran in December 2016. Please note that this is a particularly advanced recording. The diagram graphic above gives some idea of this. Audience testimonials can be read below.

Course intro from Story: "After such a powerful last broadcast I am looking forward to continuing the flow of new material for the upcoming book through this series of eight broadcasts over eight days. I will not be holding back so expect an unboxed and unfiltered flow of powerful energies and information that will take us all on an Adventure in Consciousness. Engaging these potent energies will catalyze you and invigorate your life as we engage the energies of clarity, transparency and wholeness. I understand that not having a pre-defined topic can be difficult for some, but I hope you will trust in your feeling from the film and join us if your heart resonates and you would like to go further into that feeling. With great love, Story Waters"

Total running time: 8.5 hours.

Price: $80

Reality Is A Donut Audience Testimonials

"This may be the most powerful thing I've heard:  "I was God looking at the whole world and I chose me."  I am humbled and empowered all at once.  I'm SO glad I signed on to this course."

"You sure live up to the out-there :) I feel as if gravity just ceased to function."

"Aloha Story, I just want you to know how much I am enjoying this current adventure with you! It is by far, the most stimulating time I have spent with you to date - & I have participated in quite a few of your online offerings during the past few years. I don't want to get into "predicting" - but at the rate you are going with these deliveries, I have a feeling it is not going to take you anywhere near 1 year to write your book that is already emerging. I am so glad that our paths intersected at the time that they did, & I look forward to completing this cycle with you.... & seeing where the next one begins."

"I love you very much and thank you for this course.  It is in perfect timing for me, absolutely perfect synchronicity.  Meeting you and the flowing energies is really joyful. I'm so thankful and sending you one big energetic love hug. "

"This course was of "YOUR BIGGEST UNFOLDING OF WHAT BEING HUMAN IS AND THE EXPLORATION OF IT, full CIRCLE, right to the TORUS... LOL WHAT A MASTERPIECE, sooooo many puzzle pieces snapping into place!!! LOVE TO YOU MY FRIEND, so much RESPECT, HONOR and GRATITUDE to be walking this path with you.."

"I am thankful for finding you and for the privilege of following your teaching in the almost 3-three years since I discovered you on the internet. This latest course is so full of exciting ideas and concepts that I can almost feel tangibly the connections I know are forming in my heart-mind.  This class is utterly filled with priceless jigsaw pieces of meaning which connect with each other throughout the sessions and keep on pulsing in my head now that the class is ‘over.’  Story’s work straddles the divide between mind and heart better than anyone else I have encountered in over 70 decades of heart-looking.  I am so much looking forward to meeting whatever grows from these seeds he has offered."

"I just listened to the last broadcast. I’m beyond words… This course has meant so much to me.  Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work and I look forward to reading your book."

"I learned magical staff for myself during this course. I see myself more clearly and I am more aware of myself.  In some situation when I react as "wounded buffalo", I realize it immediately now and able to return to balance quickly. The course helped me to connect to my different timelines and it brings me more information in the one  that I am experience. I loved visuals that Story provided, it's keeps me of understanding of choice of my direction in every moment. I am enjoying transcend times, speed it up or slowing it down. It's just as fun as  the magical synchronicity that I've been experiencing since this course. It was great to imagine myself as one of the Jane's group, and to realize that emotions, Story described, where the feeling of resistance to the real, natural Self. I would be thrilled if I will be able to move myself to the reality where I am in full realization of my piece of the puzzle in our group. And it would be fantastic to be able to connect this material as eloquent as Story does. The Universe that Story opened for us is the one that Q from Star Trek refers to it's wondrous with treasures to satiate all desires, but it's not for the timid! Thank you."

"To anyone thinking about taking this course I can only say that if you are ready to change how you experience the world and yourself then go for it. My experience what going through feeling that time stopped and gravity ended, it took me a day or to to get reoriented and then gradually time started again and gravity returned - and my feeling of reality was changed. It is the same but everything is different. My inner background feeling of jeopardy and of missing something is different, not altogether gone yet but it has changed, softened, and I have a feeling that it is being slowly taken apart and removed. I do not need it anymore. Another change I notice is that I am much more aware of what it is I want, really want, as opposed to what it is I feel I ought or should or might be expected to do or indeed what others might want me to want. This is already starting to make a difference in how I spend my focus and my time. How reality is the answer to questions asked and how it is an ongoing expansion and experience, adventure, makes sense of what I see in the world. Seeing the torus in everything gives me a feeling of inclusion and of joy, it is hard to explain but I feel safe in the world and this gives me room for my joy."

"If you are open to the idea of collective consciousness and you actually want to experience yourself as one with all of humanity, this course is a spiritual game changer. Moving beyond merely pointing to the unity of the one consciousness with all of its manifestations, this course provides a simple, elegant and highly adaptable visual model that serves as a conceptual key for actually perceiving the collective consciousness of humanity while also simultaneously perceiving the perfection and meaning in our differing and ever-evolving points of view. In the weeks since taking this course I feel my life has been changed, because I now have on-demand access to a perspective that is helping me release long-held fears and judgments of myself, my fellow humans, and our world. The result is a deepening and widening sense of relaxation, affection, connection, and an experiential glimpse of our potential for peaceful coexistence. I have a feeling that this key to our collective consciousness, which Story discovers and shares in such a genuine and personable way, will have profound ripples throughout spiritual circles for many decades to come."

Total running time: 8.5 hours.

Price: $80