The Seth Experience

The Seth Experience (retreat) is the complete 12 sessions of the March 2015 Seth Retreat of which five were used in the making of The Human Dilemma. The majority of sessions are Story channeling Seth plus one Jane Roberts session. There are also three sessions with Roger Hanson including his first experience of bringing through Jane's husband Robert Butts. This recording is recommended for anyone that enjoyed 'The Human Dilemma' which is expanded upon and elevated through hearing the full retreat from which it birthed.

"This was a life changing experience for me personally as Seth brilliantly articulates and points to the dilemma within us that is the cause of all that is not peace. He then shows how to simply withdraw from it. The creative energy and new approach to life that this has unleashed in me is something I am still in the process of integrating. Seth stands squarely as the teacher in this recordings and as he said himself he "took us to school". - Story Waters

This album contains the twelve session mp3s (approx 50 minutes each). The total running time is 10 hours. Please note that this recording is one-third the usual cost of a retreat due to The Human Dilemma recording being freely available in the Story Waters' Seth Library.

Running time: 10 hours.

Price: $40.