In 2019, alongside my writing, I will be offering spiritual mentoring sessions to those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, the human experience, and the wider spiritual reality.

What can I expect from a session?
Sessions are an hour long by Skype audio (or Zoom/FaceTime) with an mp3 copy included. I do not come in with any agenda and am happy to use the session as you please and we will begin with me asking about what kinds of areas you’d like to explore. Most people talk about decisions they are currently making or changes they are contemplating.

When I have offered sessions previously I am proud to have supported people through major changes, of which I see the greatest gift as being the sense of validation and confidence in proceeding that my perspectives tend to offer. Other possibilities include directly discussing the ideas in my work that you would like further clarity on, and I am always excited to mentor people on developing their own inner senses (whether through intuition or channeling).

I suggest being familiar with my writing before booking as this is the best way to know if you will enjoy working with me as it conveys the kinds of perspectives I conmunicate through—which is best understood as the perspective from spirit. This is based on love, empowerment, sovereignty, inclusion, and equality (so please look elsewhere if you are wanting to be told what you should do, if you are looking for someone to tell you the future, or you believe I have some private information to tell you).

Every person I have worked with is always unique and I have been blessed to experience sessions that people have told me changed their lives. What I do is naturally draw on my intuitive senses when we speak, but the focus is on empowering you through the wider spiritual perspective and teaching you to draw on and follow your own intuition as I want you to learn to fearlessly follow the compass of your own heart (rather than be reliant on me to help you make choices). I will therefore predominantly be using my abilities to help you recognize, focus, and activate your own inherent intuitive abilities as your own instincts are the ones you must learn to follow. I do this by drawing on my intuition to ask questions that naturally point you towards the realization or release that you seek. This then allows you to create from an empowered standpoint.

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Sessions are 60 minutes via audio only Skype or FaceTime (mp3 download included).

$2100 for 6 sessions ($350 each) to be used over 6 to 9 months.

$1200 for 3 sessions ($400 each) to be used over 3 to 6 months.

If you are ready to book please use the form below to pay by credit card securely using Stripe. If you prefer to use paypal please send your payment to



What happens after I book a session?
You will be contacted by email with some potential session times. You will also be asked for your Skype name and a backup phone number.

Can I reschedule my session?
Sessions can be rescheduled with 48 hours notice. Please email to do this.

Can we do the session via video?
Although it can be fun to see each other, I find that video tends to impede sessions far more than help them. Sometimes this is simply due to video calls being far less reliable, but it is also because I find people go to emotional and vulnerable places more easily when they are not being looked at. For this reason I do not offer sessions via video.

Can I book a single session?
I generally prefer to work with people over a course of sessions as I am looking to help create a permanent change rather than crisis management. However if you feel a single session is all you require please email with details of how you would like to use the session.

If you have any other questions please email