Who is Story Waters / The Gnostic Writer?
What is a gnostic?

Are there free materials?
What is Patreon / becoming a patron?
How do I change tiers/amounts on Patreon?

Who are Bandcamp who host my Mp3 Store?
How do I re-access my mp3 purchases?

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Who is Story Waters / The Gnostic Writer?
My name is Story Waters and I offer a thought provoking exploration of consciousness, perception, abundance, freedom, and awakening which I explore from the perspective that we are eternal-consciousness choosing to be human and that the purpose of life is to find joy through fearlessly being ourselves. Read more about my channeling process and watch the opening of my mind, body, and spirit festival presentation below.

Explore these ideas and much more with me through the free articles I release through my online publication The Gnostic Writer. You can easily follow along by joining my Article Newsletter which is sent every Friday with the latest article. You can also explore my spoken word materials through the eBook & Mp3 Store. For my full writing output plus my complete article archive you can join my PATREON website for $5+ a month. Thank you to everyone who supports me by becoming a patron.

What is a gnostic / where does this information come from?
A gnostic is someone who practices gnosis. Gnosis is intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths. This means that my writing flows creatively and intuitively from an innate state of knowing within me. This is something I have evolved over hundreds of hours of channeling wider aspects of my being which I often experience like a library within me. When writing I enter into a stream of inspirational and revelatory ideas and it is simply feels clear to me what I should write. I then go over the text multiple times with each pass weaving in additional insights and clarifications. This experience leaves me very much feeling like a messenger because of how I contain this library of information that I just intuitively know and am now, after over a decade of public speaking, putting into written form.

Watch the opening of my 2013 Mind, Body, Spirit Festival presentation where I speak about my work, allowance, and following your heart.


Patrons can download the full 2 hour mp3 of the Living Fearlessly From Your Heart presentation here.


Are there free materials?
You can read my free articles on this website through THE GNOSTIC WRITER.  I release a free article every Friday which you can receive by email. For my full writing output plus my complete article archive and latest book texts please join my PATREON website for $5+ a month.

What is Patreon / becoming a patron?
Patreon is website that helps content creators earn a monthly income through people become patrons of their work in exchange for exclusive access. I offer regular articles, new books texts, and my article archive (including BOOK ONE) for $5+/month. Please see Patreon for the current details.

How do I change tiers / amount on Patreon?
You can easily change tiers at any time. If you move up then you will be charged the difference in price at the time you change, and then you will be charged the new amount on the 1st of each month as usual. If you move down then you will be charged the lower amount from the beginning of the next month.

Who are Bandcamp who host my Mp3 Store?
Bandcamp is the largest provider of Mp3 stores for independent recording artists (music and spoken word). By purchasing through my Bandcamp Store you will be able to download your recordings as many times in the future as you like as well as receiving unlimited streaming through the free Bandcamp app or website. This means you are protected from losing your downloads if your computer crashes as you can always come back and download again in the future through your Bandcamp account.

How do I re-access my Bandcamp purchases?
If you have not done so already you must first create a Bandcamp account. This is done by entering the email address you used when purchasing on this page. Once you are logged into your account follow the link to your 'collection'. Here you will find any purchases you have ever made through Bandcamp on the email address you provided. You can also access your downloads on your phone or tablet through the free Bandcamp App. If you have any more details questions about using Bandcamp please check out there helpful guide.

How do I make contact?
Please contact us on for all inquiries except Bandcamp refunds. Bandcamp refunds can only be processed through Bandcamp who offer a quick and friendly service. Check out their support page here.