Book Two - The Matter of Consciousness

In The Gnostic Writer you will see some of the texts as being listed as being from BOOK ONE, TWO, or THREE.

Details of BOOK TWO below:



(Originally The Messiah Seed)

This is a heavily updated and expanded version of a book I released in 2005 called “The Messiah Seed” (available from Amazon). This update is far more extensive than for BOOK ONE with many of the updated texts being barely recognizable. The final version is expected to be almost three times the length of the original with each of the 70 original texts being expanded to two pages and 18 new texts added.

CURRENT STATUS: Completing this book is my main focus for early 2019 and I am releasing each of the finalized 88 texts as they are completed to patrons with a few texts (some in draft form) appearing in The Gnostic Writer (see below).