Feel Love In All Things & All You Will Feel Is Love


To love is a choice — be conscious of the choice you are making.

You are love, and love has no limitations. Love with limitations is conditional love. Conditional love will always manifest elements of pain as the representation of its limitations. Unconditional love can only be felt from within the knowing of freedom. As long as you feel limited in what you can be (instead of free) you will experience that restriction as a limit in your ability to love unconditionally.

Your love will feel limited because you feel yourself to be limited. In this you are the one limiting yourself through your lack of knowing of yourself as love. To know thyself (which is the spiritual path) is to know you are all that love is.

Hurt is love distorted into a limited expression. To end pain, come to know the freedom that exists within your perception of its limitation. Open up your perception of that limitation to discover that it is a choice made in freedom — a choice made with love. To feel unconditional love is to feel love in an unlimited way; it is to experience love for all things, without differentiation (without dividing them into what you do, and do not, like about them). To feel unconditional love for another being is to love them as they are.

Love and accept yourself and others as a whole (in totality). The totality of each person is their unlimited potential to be. To love another in totality is to love yourself in totality; it is to love all in totality.

Love others by allowing them to be whatever they choose to be.

To further allow love is to remove restrictions from your love. To end pain — love more, not less. Despite the stories we tell ourselves it is not love that has hurt us. This is because hurt is unrealized love. Let go of how you would like love to be. Let go of what you think love should be. Realize how these preconceptions of love often stem from trying to protect and possess your attachments. Release these preconceived notions of what love is and you will find love in all things.

Be willing to see love in all things, and all you will see is love.

To overcome the wounding within you as an obstacle to you loving others is to transform your pain into love. To see with eyes of unconditional love is to heal your wounds.

Love is the answer. 
If love does not appear to be the answer then you do not fully know what love is. Just as you cannot express freedom in words, so you cannot express love in words. Often you are left with realizing what is not love and that realization will lead you to discover what fear still exists within you. All that is not love is fear. To face your fears is to transform them into love.

Fear is freedom denied. Love is freedom. Therefore — all is love.

To perceive all as love is to perceive from the knowing that you are free and that your freedom is infinite and endless in its potential. To know freedom is to know unconditional love for all. Know this to better understand what both love and freedom are. To realize that what you fundamentally are is love, is to come to perceive the love in all things. To come to perceive yourself as love is to come to perceive The All as love, for you are The All and The All is love.

You will always see with the eyes through which you choose to look. This means that you will always see what you look for because what you look for is a representation of what you believe. Look with eyes of love and you will see love. Look with judgment and you will see things you deem to be “in need” of your judgment. See the love inside of yourself to see the love that surrounds you. To see with love is to transform yourself and your reality into your dream. To see love you must believe in your freedom to love without restriction. Believe in love.

Realize that love is a choice. You do not have to choose love. You do not have to choose freedom. Love cannot prove itself to you. Freedom is not there to break through to you. Love does not exist to save you; love cannot save you as there is nothing to be saved from. If you cannot believe that statement, then know you can save yourself from anything (that you perceive you need to be saved from) through being love.

Love is the answer to all things. 
To realize this is to see how love is the doorway to infinite freedom because love is the embodiment of allowance. The allowance of all things starts with the allowance of yourself. The love of all things starts with the love of yourself.

To know love is to be unlimited. To know love is to know yourself as eternal-consciousness. You are the love of eternal-consciousness (the love of God) in mortal form. Your very being is an act of love. You are an embodiment of the love of being human.

To know love, know yourself.
To know yourself, love yourself.

REFERENCE: This is a draft text from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS that has been adapted into article form. It started life as Messiah Seed 58 - Love from my 2004 book The Messiah Seed (available from Amazon).