For the Open-Minded to Hate the Narrow-Minded is for Butterflies to Hate Caterpillars.

“We are a single tree of consciousness”.

“We are a single tree of consciousness”.

Recognizing The Prejudice Of Time.

When humanity was first created we never imagined “waking up” from within human form because we didn’t yet know what this depth of individuality would feel like. Our physical death was always meant to be “the big awakening experience” where we returned to spirit. What we are each doing as spiritual explorers is effectively a choice to experience the death process while alive. This isn’t to conquer the game or be the best at playing it; it is to be playing the game with a radically different intention.

We did not design humanity to be an experience that we wake up from by remembering we are eternal-consciousness in human form. We designed the human experience to be a focus on — and thereby an exploration of — individuality / mortality.

The level of spiritual awakening that explorers of consciousness seek — while not being inappropriate — was not “intended”. What this realization boils down to is… the human experience was already designed to be a challenge, and then we found an even bigger challenge within that challenge. We did this because we wanted to experience more of what the human experiences gives us.

What we think of as spiritual evolution is very different from human physical evolution. While we may have physically evolved as a species, our planet still houses the complete range of mental states that humanity has evolved through. This means that although our physical form continues to evolve with the passing of time, all the states of consciousness that we have traveled through continue to exist within our modern human form (which also means that future states are present now). This is because only our physicality — and not our consciousness which is not physical and therefore not contained by time and space — can be spread across the perceptual illusion of time.

  • All that humanity has been physically is spread across linear-time.

  • All that humanity has been as states of consciousness is present now and always.

Our individuality is not just created by the illusion of physicality, it is also created by the illusion of linear time (because time and space are a single mechanism through which the illusion of perceptual division can be experienced). Your past and future states of consciousness are present within you now, it is just that your individuality is focusing on the “now” of your present state of consciousness (just as it is focused on the particular bit of physicality that you have identified as being your body).

The vision I was shown that evolved my understanding of “I would do as they do in their shoes”birthed through the realization that humanity was designed to explore individuality. To do this, we created the human form to only see things from its own perspective. So, with purpose and intention, we specifically created our vessel of self to cause us to see “other” people as separate and different from what we are. We designed the human form to feel independent and isolated rather than connected, but only temporarily with our blink-of-the-eye lifespan (when compared to our spirit).

What we — who may identify as open-minded — decry as selfish, small-minded, and individualistic is in fact railing against the state of consciousness that we not only expressly designed to be exactly as it is, but is the mindset through which we all started exploring the human experience.

The open-minded mindset (which is often called “being liberal”) is a particular evolution of the narrow-minded, more conservative perspective — not a separate alternative to it. No open-minded mindset exists that did not originate as a closed-minded individualistic one. This means that to judge a narrow-minded perspective is to not only judge the eternal-consciousness that you are within another human form, it is to judge your own past self even though it was an integral and necessary step on the path to being what you are today. This is the realization that for me personally stopped the idea of “I would do as they do in their shoes” feeling so abstract and instead brought it home with a powerful sense of immediacy of how all states of consciousness are related.

“I saw that my rage was at the child within me.”

To see what I am saying, you must recognize that the individualistic, narrow-minded, mindset (as most powerfully expressed by the far-right and religious fundamentalists) is not significantly different from those mindsets hundreds or thousands of years ago. This is the understanding that the mindsets from across human history are all present / represented on the Earth today. Though this idea may initially seem somewhat fantastical, it is the logical conclusion of realizing that time-space is a perceptual illusion and consciousness is eternal.

The path to every human state of consciousness exists in the eternal-now. None of us can exist without the presence of the path that led us to exist.

So, to put it bluntly, loving the unconsciousness that narrow-minded people present isn’t just about loving the eternal-consciousness that you are in another form, it is about loving your own past self without whom none of the compassionate human qualities you celebrate would exist. To spurn narrow-minded people is to spurn our own past selves. It is to attack that which created (and that means is creating when you take the illusion of time out of it) you.

For the open-minded to hate the narrow-minded is to be a butterfly that hates caterpillars.

It was not until I saw this vision of how we began as extreme states of individuality that “I would do the same in their shoes” stopped being a mental idea and instead became a realization that…

All that I celebrate birthed from all that I demonize.

What is key to understand in this is that this viewpoint does not rest on the idea of evolution. You have not fully heard what I am saying if you take this to mean, “we who are evolved must be kind to those who are less evolved because we were once like they are”If you feel the energy of that statement, it still smacks of superiority in how it reflects “love the sinner, hate the sin” or patting someone on the head in a patronizing way.

So how do you look at a narrow-minded person who is not compassionate as effectively being a past version of yourself — such that you do not judge them — but without falling into feeling superior?

The understanding of how you cannot be said to be superior to your own past self is truly life-changing as it is to take a significant step in seeing through the illusion of your own individuality.

This world is infinitely filled with qualities that are expressed dualistically. As you start to see through the most personally significant of these polarities, you eventually see through the illusion of duality as a whole (which is when you realize that everything is circular). What is then discovered at the heart of the separation that creates duality is that our primary mechanism of division is time-space.

I used to say that the final judgment was judgment of judgment. And while there is certainly truth to this, I now see that the judgment that most persists through the spiritual path is judgment of others as being less evolved (which is typically disguised as judgment of their ignorance). This is therefore judgment of the core polarity of time-space itself as it is to say that those who are behind you on a particular timeline are less than you.

The final realization that collapses this — and puts the final nail in the coffin of seeing yourself as an individual — is to see through the separation of time itself. This is best understood through our example of a butterfly judging a caterpillar. What allows this hypothetical judgment is that their different looking physical-forms allow the butterfly to look at the caterpillar as if it is a separate creature (when we all know one turns into the other, just like a baby turns into an adult).

This is the same as us looking at our last incarnation and our current incarnation as being two separate beings, when in fact they are one continuous experience. What we see as the finality of death is really just a caterpillar entering into a chrysalis to trigger the beginning of the next phase of its journey.

Your past lives are as connected to you as the butterfly is connected to the caterpillar. Death is a doorway — not an ending.

To wider consciousness (our spirit), we are each a branching tree — not a linear line — of lives. We are each entirely free to feel separate from and judgmental of narrow-minded people but, when seen clearly, this is just a choice to blind ourselves to the trail of lives that connect us.

What I am saying here is that as human beings we are not only all connected, we are a single tree of consciousness with many branches — a single organism.

Open-minded and narrow-minded people are not two different types of people; they are branches of a single tree.

You will know you have understood what I am saying when you understand that there is a point where you will get so old in this process that you will choose to birth again as new. Why? Because that which is new will no longer look like some narrow-minded, individualistic mistake, but the path to a whole new experience of freedom (just like when we first created the human experience). And that is to understand that just as that which is narrow-minded in this world has given birth to that which is open-minded, so too that which is open-minded will eventually evolve to once again birth that which is narrow-minded.

But that is a story for another day.