Seeing the Big Picture of Lack versus Abundance


How our experience of lack makes our experience of abundance so unique.

The first thing to understand about abundance is that — in the way we typically think of it — abundance is an experience that is particular to being an individual. There are infinite versions of abundance (which are experienced across infinite realities), but what we may think of as an experience of “complete” abundance is actually an experience that births from — and stands in relation to — our experience of lack.

Because your spirit does not experience lack, it is therefore incapable of experiencing abundance in the way you do.

From the perspective of your spirit, the state of abundance is just “how it always is” and to live within that state is very different from experiencing abundance in embodied form. This is because — except through you in human form — your spirit does not know what it is like to be disconnected from the experience of abundance through an experience of lack.

Your spirit lives in a state we would call “pure abundance”, but to your spirit this is just the unquestioned freedom to create what it wants to create. There is no way for your spirit to experience any difference between freedom and abundance in the way we do because it cannot experience lack. Therefore, what we call “the state of abundance” is actually “the state of freedom” as viewed through the polarized lens of lack versus abundance — with lack being experienced through the outer definition of not having or not being able.

Abundance is the freedom to be.

What makes the human experience of abundance so particular and unique is therefore not what the abundant state looks like (because it looks like freedom which is a universal experience), instead, it is the experience of abundance in relation to our human experience of lack that makes it so unique.

Your personal experience of lack makes your experience of abundance unique.

We are each spirit in human form. In this, our consciousness is eternal but our experience of physicality is temporary. This means that when we are embodied we experience ourselves as mortal, but between lives we experience ourselves as immortal. So physicality and its potential to express the experience of physical lack through “not having / possessing” is not what we are, it is an experience we are temporarily choosing to have. Therefore, you are a pure state of freedom that is temporarily choosing to experience lack and limitation.

Your experiences of lack and limitation are not what you are; they are a choice you are freely making.

To see this perspective is to begin to untangle yourself from the negative ideas you may have absorbed and internalized due to your experiences of lack which you have subconsciously concluded are a reflection of how you are somehow lacking on a spiritual — by which I mean fundamental — level.

None of us are — or can be — lacking on a spiritual level because our spirits live in a state of pure freedom.

ALTERNATE PERSPECTIVE: You could even say the opposite is true. It is only souls / spirits that have deeply explored being mortal who enter into states of reality where lack can be so acutely felt. There are an infinite number of less extreme / polarized / contrasted realities through which life can be experienced. No spirit becomes human before exploring these less intense experiences of physicality. So not only is no one “spiritually lacking”, we are all “spiritual masters” to even be in this kind of reality where we can temporarily get lost in, or blinded by, our experiences of lack.

With this understood, what is seen is that although one of the biggest spiritual realizations is that your personal time-space reality is a reflection of you, the experience of lack is not reflecting that you are “spiritually lacking”, it is reflecting the accumulation of belief that you are lacking. Therefore…

If you are experiencing lack, it is not because you are spiritually lacking, it is because you are carrying a belief that you are lacking.

I want to highlight here that this does not only apply to a lack of money. The belief in lack concerns any quality you believe you may be lacking in whether that be health, kindness, spiritual awareness, or your physical accommodation.

To see that the experience of lack is a choice, rather than a result of some deficiency within you, is to start to see the experience of lack in the same way as your spirit. This is to have further integrated your spirit’s experience with your own, which is to further know that you are your spirit in human form — as opposed to seeing your spirit as separate from what you are. With this knowing, you can then begin to untangle yourself from the negative beliefs that have arisen through the feelings of lack you have naturally and understandably (meaning there has been no mistake) accumulated across your life.

To see that your spirit is not lacking is to stop using ideas of what you do or do not physically possess as indicators of who or what you are. Instead, they are seen as challenges you have created for yourself to overcome / transform. This immediately gives rise to the question, “Well, if my spirit is free to create, then why don’t I just create experiences of abundance? Why would I ever create an experience of lack?”

The answer to this question is, at its heart, the same answer to the question of why we would choose to be mortal, limited, or in pain. So understand that this realization goes far beyond becoming abundant. It answers nearly all the big “Why would we choose this?!?” questions that arise on the spiritual path.

The big realization is that the abundance we seek to experience in human form exists in relation to our experience of lack. It does not — and cannot — standalone because one of the biggest qualities of being human is how our experiences exist in relation to each other.

As Einstein famously said, “Everything is relative!”

Therefore, the experiences of lack we bemoan, feel defeated by, and generally label as “the problem” are in fact you creating the shadow-side of a powerful experience of abundance. Meaning, you cannot have an experience of human abundance without also having an experience of lack.

ELABORATION: Although someone who is born into wealth may derive a mental idea of being abundant by comparing themselves to the poverty and lack of freedoms of other people they see in the world, they do not experience the feeling of abundance in the same way that someone who comes from poverty and then attains wealth would.

So, although it may be nice to imagine being born wealthy, it comes with a huge shadow-side as, even though you will have your physical needs met, the emotional experience of that value is not available to you because you do not truly know what it feels like to be in lack (despite seeing it all over the media). For example, no amount of watching the TV Show Survivor ever prepares contestants for what it will feel like to experience being that tired and hungry.

So, if you are currently within an experience of lack — which may be a lack of money, friends, health, or freedom — then instead of seeing yourself as being in the “wrong” experience, see that you are creating the first half of an experience of overcoming lack because of how powerfully you will then experience the transformation of that lack.

The greatest experiences of abundance arise from the transformation of lack — and not through accumulation leading you to possess the most.

With this knowing, you will see through the illusion / mask / lie of any experience of lack that seems to tell you that you are not abundant. This occurs through seeing that those experiences of lack are you choosing to create an experience — that will include both positive and negative qualities — from the negative end first. This comes from your spirit’s desire to create a journey of transforming lack because it is one of the most potent experiences of abundance you can have.

We create the pain of lack in order to experience the joy of liberating ourselves from that lack.

In saying this, I understand the part of you that may feel uneasy about it. I remember when I started my spiritual journey I wanted to believe that as eternal-consciousness in human form we had the power to be 100% abundant and 100% happy the whole time. And I didn’t like any spiritual teaching that implied otherwise. This is because I believed — and still do — that we each create our own reality.

So, if we each create our own reality, why can’t we just create continual wealth? What I am telling you is that you can do that — you can be born rich and stay wealthy all your life — BUT you can’t do that AND have the experience of transforming a lack of money into a lot of money (remembering this doesn’t only apply to wealth).

You can’t have it both ways, at the same time, within an experience of individuality.

Individuality is about picking one of many paths instead of potentially experiencing all paths at once (which is how your spirit perceives reality).

ELABORATION: Or, more accurately: because your spirit is free to create anything, if your spirit wants to experience wealth AND the transformation of poverty into wealth at the same time, it would create TWO experiences of individuality. This shows how our spirit is not lacking in what it can create. It is just saying that within the experience of individuality you experience one quality at a time, instead of all at once like your spirit — that is the point of being an individual, so this isn’t a way in which individuality is lacking.

So, while embodied, you cannot know what it feels like to be gay and straight, black and white, or male and female at the same time. We wanted the human experience to be like this because to be human is to want to experience diversity in relation to your individuality.

If you are currently in hardship, you are free to convince yourself that you would, in fact, much rather be born wealthy — and there is nothing “wrong” in that type of thinking. However, from my perspective — and the way I interpret my own life even when it is tough to do so — because we each create our own reality, we are each experiencing what our spirit wants to experience through us — because we are our spirit. Therefore, if you “really” wanted to have been born wealthy, then that is what you would have done.

In this moment, as I feel into what these words flowing through me are saying, this is in fact the age-old, key teaching about happiness and joy because it is saying to…


The power you have — right now in this moment — is to look at your life as a whole and see that whatever you are experiencing that you do not like is not the result of you, as a person, being in lack, it is the result of your spirit seeing the whole journey and understanding that if you experience lack at this time in your life, it will then evolve into some of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

In this, it is important to see that those future experiences are not separate from the lack you are currently experiencing. This is because those experiences of abundance would not feel the way they are going to feel if you were not having your current experience of lack.

In this understanding, do not fall into the idea that you are choosing to suffer now in order to have joy later. To your spirit what you are calling“the low” and “the high” are not separate. They are two ends of one experience.

This is a subtle difference, because it is true that with experiences based in duality, you can’t have ups without downs. The nuance I want you to see is that from the wider perspective of your spirit, you are not choosing to have a negative day today in order to accumulate a positive day for the future.

To your spirit, every high is experienced in relation to its low in a way that makes them a single experience.

It is only in human form that we are able to chop up our journey into “good bits” versus “bad bits” and declare that one half of those experiences should be eradicated. From the level of spirit, that would be to declare half of yourself as inferior and deserving of extinction. To your spirit, this is like deciding that your right hand is “the good one” and your left hand is “the bad one”.

To enjoy the journey is to love the journey as a whole, and that is to love yourself as a whole.

The above statement is one of the primary keys to abundance — namely, to embrace the whole of your journey (including the perceived highs and lows) as a reflection of coming to love your whole self (including the aspects you currently label as negative and which you feel need to be extinguished).

So I encourage you to:

  • See yourself without fear or judgment in order to see yourself as you are, because all that we call lack is our own lack of understanding of our spirit’s perspective and intention.

  • See yourself and the world as a whole, instead of seeing through a dualistic, polarized perception that seeks to divide everything and assign it value.

  • Feel abundant by seeing that you are creating the journey that your spirit — which is you free of fear — wants to experience (for which it created the embodiment that is you).

  • Experience abundance by loving ALL THAT YOU ARE, because every aspect of your experience flows from the freedom of your spirit.

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