Spiritual Truth Has To Be Personal And Evolving


You cannot meet your spirit through absolute or linear ideas.

“As you change your beliefs — so you shift through realities. As you shift through realities — so the expression of all truth shifts.”

Spiritual truth has to be subjective and personal.
The main reason that scientifically minded people have such issues with spirituality is because they like to think in absolute and literal ways. They want spirituality to be a study course through which they accumulate knowledge. And then through that mental learning, it is hoped that some kind of spiritual revelation or break-through will occur. But…

You cannot meet spirituality (your spirit) through literal and linear ideas.

Spiritual knowing arises from within your feeling for yourself.

This is the realization that what we call spiritual cannot be defined in scientific terms because it is not absolute. But, just because something is not absolute does not mean it is not real; it just means we can’t pin it down through our language and claim to have conquered or mastered it.

What is it to not be absolute?
To say spiritual truth cannot be understood in absolute terms is to say it can only be defined in personal terms — meaning, spiritual truth is personal and subjective. This is not saying that consciousness is too complicated with too many variables to be understood scientifically; it is saying that spiritual truth is personal by its very nature.

This subject is particularly fascinating at this time of real news versus fake news. This debate is currently highlighting how some people purposefully choose to write news stories they know to be lies, but as we start to explore how to deal with purposeful fake news, the problem of opposing perspective news (that is just a different viewpoint on the situation) becomes clear.

For any complex debate within society, there will always be opposing news stories — even when they are all factually correct. Our minds have become conditioned to believe there must be “a right” choice. Because of this belief that there must be a best / superior answer, we are not acknowledging that in many debates, if you choose one side, then you are going to step on the rights and feelings of the opposing side.

It is time to stop believing ideal solutions exist because this righteous belief stops us seeing the potential to meet, co-operate, and change. Only when both sides of any debate let go of the righteousness of their perceptive does the debate have any chance of resolving in a meaningful way.

The Infinite Perspective On Spiritual Truth.
As you change your beliefs, so you shift through realities. As you shift through realities, so the expression of all truth shifts. In this, remain conscious that truth can only ever be personal and is constantly changing. To find the courage to face the reality that truth is not constant, is to discover the power to change your reality as it is, to constantly allow the breaking down and reinvention of your own definition.

Don’t just be open to change — joyfully welcome it.

Hold no belief rigidly and it will evolve with you and serve you well. Your allowance for your beliefs to change is the allowance of your own evolution. You evolve as your beliefs do, and it is you that evolves your beliefs. Through an openness of being, lessen your resistance to life and allow it to flow. Through rigidity, you only fight yourself.

It is not wrong to battle yourself if there is something within that experience you desire — all means of self-discovery are valid. However, if you are to engage in a battle, do this from the knowing that the choice to battle is made in freedom. This is to be a conscious creator rather than someone who is simply reacting to their circumstances. Learn to speak your truth clearly and without reservation, but realize that the beliefs you speak of today may contradict the beliefs you spoke of yesterday. Embrace such shifts and paradoxes as this is to embrace change within yourself.

Do not allow yourself to be limited by a need for consistency. To embrace inconsistency is to embrace impermanence.

Know that if others reject you for changing your beliefs, then they were simply at a point of choosing to move in a different direction for their own personal reasons. To attempt to be consistent is to limit both change of yourself and the natural development of your personal truth. Realize that changing how you experience the message of yourself is as inevitable as your own evolution.

ELABORATION: Because we are each the choice of eternal-consciousness to experience human form, the experience of yourself is the clearest communication of what your intention was for this life. Therefore the experience of every self is a message to that self. This is the message of yourself. Evolution does not mean to become better than you were; it means to remember more of what you already are. When you change — rejoice!

Do not be afraid to demonstrate the evolution of your own understanding of truth. It is the path of every self to contradict themselves. When you do, revel in it. This is to allow the knowing of yourself as a state of change. And that is the realization that your freedom is eternal and your potential is infinite. We are each in a constant state of evolution through the integration of our experience. It is not possible to stop evolving because it is not possible to stop experiencing.

We Are “Spirit” Evolving.
Many spiritual teachings state that “God” is perfect / ideal / the ultimate and is therefore not evolving. This misunderstanding lies at the root of our belief that there is an ideal form to aspire to.

There is no ideal form. There are only personal ideals.

The belief in an ideal form is one of the greatest misdirections present in religion because of how it prevents people from recognizing their spirit because they expect it to be nothing like their “fallen” self.

Our spirit — that exists outside of linear time — does not evolve in the same outward way that we do while embodied. However, it is not that eternal-consciousness is not evolving. This is because our embodied self is our spirit in human form. Therefore…

Our personal experience of evolution is our spirit’s experience of evolution.

The choice of your spirit to birth as you, is the choice of eternal-consciousness to experience evolution. Those that teach that freedom comes from not seeking to become are pointing towards the timelessness and potential of spirit. However, they equally represent a denial of the choice of our spirit to be mortal, limited, and exist within linear time. Like most polarized, dualistic, spiritual teachings, this is to have idealized our spirit and demonized our human self — even though they are two faces of the same coin.

ELABORATION: Your embodied self is far more perceptually limited (focused) than your spirit, but this does not make your humanity inferior. You may experience yourself as finite in this moment, but you are infinite and eternal consciousness. Therefore, for your finiteness to express your infinite nature through the rigidity of linear time, the self (and indeed “truth”) must be expressed as a state of change — rather than as fixed or absolute. This is how the infinite fits within the finite.

The need for absolute truth and consistent behavior is, at its heart, rooted in the fear of change. Through the realization that there is no absolute truth, and through the allowance of truth to be relative (rather than rigid and consistent), see the power of allowing yourself to be fluid and changing.

Although there is nothing wrong in enjoying consistency, understand that if that enjoyment begins to turn into an attachment to things not changing then you are limiting yourself. Become conscious of your resistance to change. This is a powerful lens through which you can identify, face, and transform your fears.

“I choose to continually evolve and transform my personal concept of truth and, thereby, my experience-of-self.”

REFERENCE: This is a draft text from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS that has been adapted into article form. It started life as Messiah Seed 6 - Truth as Personal and Evolving from my 2004 book The Messiah Seed (available from Amazon).