The Law of Attraction & The Mastery of Feeling


The Law of Attraction & The Mastery of Feeling (abridged)

How your feelings become your form.

The law of attraction is the understanding that like attracts like. Meaning, the feeling that you radiate reflects the feeling of the reality you are attracting to you — and is therefore the largest determinant of the reality you draw to you. By going to the heart of the law of attraction, we will go to the heart of the feeling of YOU. This will show us what it means at a feeling level so that you can carry it with you through your daily routine. We will strip back the layers to come to this simple understanding that…

What you feel is what you are attracting to you.

Becoming conscious of the feeling inside you is the best way to utilize the law of attraction. This to understand and align with what you are attracting.

To feel your dream is to attract the life of your dream.

Many who seek to use the idea of the law of attraction are often acting from their personality (from within the complexity, from within the detail) as they engage this mechanism of creation. And, due to those incredible flows, their sheer variety, and the systems present within them, this can lead to a variety of hit and miss results.

What I want to do with this text is bring through the idea of your attractive, abundant state from the non-physical — your spirit — in order to birth it into your life through the feeling of your heart (rather than trying to penetrate your mental blocks). So we are going to begin WITHIN and through that which is:

  • already present and available.

  • already flowing and harmonious.

  • already at peace and calm.

  • already abundant and plentiful.

  • already knowing of its eternal safety.

This is the aspect of you that is not in fear, and is YOUR SPIRIT.

Feel how your spirit and your human self are both you.

This state within you, this feeling I am inviting you to birth into your physical life, is to experience the world from the feeling of your spirit. And it is already present within you. Your spirit is not a separate state which arises from meditation or a spiritual practice. This is not a feeling I want you to segment off because it is present in All That You Are. Instead, I want you to allow this core feeling to be the foundation of your reality. Do this and you will find that you can build whatever you like — which is to say whatever you can believe — on the foundation of this feeling.

Bring this inner feeling outwards and let it engulf you.

As you connect with your spirit, the conflicted mental aspects of your human self that do not resonate with this inner peace will begin to come forward within your psyche for transformation and release. As you polish the mirror of your life — as you come to “know thyself” — you are coming to look into the mirror of reality (and thereby yourself) in a clearer way than ever before.

This clarity flows from the release of all judgment and associated fears.

The remembering of your core abundant state and the bringing of it into your daily life then acts as a powerful point of contrast. That is why it takes courage to see yourself clearly because it is to see your life in clarity (which is to see through your own self-denial). This means that, as well as the bliss and harmony within, you will also see — in a clearer way than ever before — all your drama, victimhood, lack of self-worth, aggression, and blame.

As long as you believe that you have been separated from your spirit while human, you will at some level feel separate from your experience of the world / your everyday life.

This text is an invitation to accept this feeling, this inner reality, this peace, this fullness, this flow as being the manifestation of what you are at the deepest level — namely free, eternal consciousness (your spirit). These words are an invitation to accept the feeling that all is well such that this knowing can permeate your everyday life.

You can still feel your spirit as you walk down the street, as you eat a meal, as you go shopping, as you watch television, as you do your work, or see your friends. No matter what it is you are doing, you can hold yourself — your awareness of self — in relation to the feeling of your spirit.

To carry this knowing in your awareness is to give yourself a new tool (as well as the gift of always feeling the beauty of who you are). This gift is the perspective of viewing your human experience from the knowing of your spirit such that you see the world as something you are creating rather than as something you are contained within.

When we get caught purely in our drama, we flow with that drama and do not see it in relation to the ease that is possible. This is how people get caught in drama; they do not stand outside of it in order to see it. And now, by having this anchor point of your spirit — this zero point — you will see your whole life in relation to it and becoming aware of what is happening within you.

Through this new level of awareness you will become aware of what is not in accord with the flow of your spirit. This is your work in human form. It is your chosen work. It is the journey you have chosen to experience and it is the unraveling / blossoming of the message of yourself into reality.

You are not the “result” of your life. You are the choice to experience your life.

Use this clarity to detect when your feeling turns from the positive feeling of your spirit to the fearful thoughts that often circle our minds. What happens in your personal reality that knocks you out of the feeling of your spirit? As you are now walking through life with the awareness of your spirit, what is it that happens to upset this? What knocks you out of the flow? What makes you feel bad? What changes your mood from a flowing feeling to a difficult or obstructed one?

This is your greatest point of power for change. See what takes you from the good feeling to the bad feeling — to concern, to worry, to fear, to anxiety, to depression, to feeling down, to feeling low, to feeling wounded, or to feeling victimized. Then, IN THAT MOMENT, ask:

  • “Why have I chosen this and what is it about the nature of this experience that caused this change in my feeling of self?”

  • “Why have I chosen this experience to be exactly as it is?”

  • “Why am I choosing this particular obstacle?”

  • “What am I showing myself here?”

To be a master of the law of attraction is to be a master of your own state of feeling.

It is important to understand that even though we can often clearly see in hindsight where our mood turned from positive to negative, we often do not catch it in the moment in terms of taking a breath, stopping, and being aware that we are making a choice to react negatively.

To become aware of the juncture where your mood changes is to discover just how powerful the wounded emotions are that divert our flow. In this, you will be aware that your negative emotions are not “wrong” or a “mistake” and you may deeply feel how “I am justified in feeling this”. So this cannot be approached from a place of seeing negative moods as “wrong” and therefore seeking to eradicate them.

Somewhere in your story, in your definition, in the energetic framework that has been created by you, the beautiful feeling of spirit can be twisted into something else. You have the power to recognize and change this.

Your spirit knows what it is to be entirely free. It knows what it is to experience instant, unimpeded manifestation.

This is the basis of what the law of attraction offers, because to feel and know this space inside of you is to attract the experience of it — which is to create the experience of it.

In every moment be aware of how you are feeling and what that feeling is likely to be attracting to you.

The universe reflects to you what you are feeling. When you feel good you attract the experience of a reality that feels good. So make the conscious choice to focus on feeling good TODAY. Decide / determine / choose that you are not going to be someone who is buffeted about by life — whose feeling depends on what is happening externally. Recognize and acknowledge the level of life where this choice is possible.

  • It is within you to respond in this way — with this openness.

  • It is within you to stand as a sentinel over your own feeling — to take responsibility for your own emotional reactions.

Whatever you believe you will experience.

See that whatever is happening in your life is a script that you are writing for yourself with love. By embracing your life on this level, by bringing this perception, by bringing this fearlessness, by bringing your intention to utilize these understandings, you can transform anything.

You know what law of attraction is, but you must utilize it.

You must make this choice to live through your knowing of what can be instead of living as someone that just reacts to the circumstances of your life. And only you can make this choice through the allowance of yourself and your life to change. This is to take your foot off the brake of your life by releasing the ways in which you fear changing.

It is this simple: if you want a good life, then becoming a master of your own feeling — by become conscious of your level of feeling — will transform your life for the better. And what will it even mean to feel good all the time? To feel positive? To feel love? To feel safe? To feel connected? How much in your life will that change? What will you have to change in your life to live within that feeling? Because by living within joy you are being your spirit — you are being the natural flow of abundance that we all birth from and return to.

Most people use the law of attraction to focus on the dreams they want to manifest. Feel the dream, be the dream, live the dream — all positive approaches. However, often within that excitement there is also the feeling of there being something “other” than what you are, such as the feeling, “I ampoor but I want to feel abundant” or “I feel alone but I want to feel connected”.See how, in expressing this kind of dream, you do not need the negative word to describe the joy of what you positively do want.

Look for emotive and reactive words in how you think of your dream — no dream needs to be defined from the negative to express what your heart wants.

We will always imagine, hope, and dream of “what could be”, but what I am suggesting is to not focus on the law of attraction purely from that standpoint because — even if you remove the negative definition — so often these dreams birth in reaction to what we do not have or do not feel instead of truly expressing what our heart wants. These are the kinds of dreams — despite pointing at something you want — that still have to be consciously navigated with awareness because they come from your reactive mind (instead of your welcoming heart).

I invite you to experience the feeling that underlies ALL your dreams — the feeling of your spirit that exists before the definition of the dream.

With the law of attraction, people are often asked to focus on and imagine exactly they want. This isn’t, however, because you need to specify the details; it is because this is how many people start to get excited about the possibility of it. There is of course nothing wrong with imagining the details, but it does open up the possibility that you will convince yourself that your joy lies in the details — which is to be lost in the idea that your state of feeling is purely a reaction to your circumstances.

So, you can imagine all the details you like, but understand that it is when you feel good that the law of attraction really starts to kick in (and that is regardless of the details of what is being imagined). Feeling good is the feeling of the joy and freedom of your spirit, and that does not need to have any particular definition in order to attract wonderful experiences to you. So see the details as a fun game, but don’t get attached to them.

When you just feel good, when you feel contented, when you feel peaceful, when you feel the flow of your spirit, then reality will give that feeling back to you in a magical outward form.

Creation is not something you have to push at. Pushing toward a particular idea of a dream causes you to constantly look at your reality to see whether your dream is coming into being or not. This is to get caught in the game of constantly monitoring your life in relation to the idea of your dream (which is a continual experience of finding your reality lacking except for the one moment when your dream finally arrives). This is NOT what joy and freedom are about.

Your joy exists within the journey of your experience.

Don’t get caught up in looking for what you are trying to manifest such that you get stuck in the continual feeling that “it is not happening yet”. Instead, try to enjoy moving towards your dream instead of seeing the manifestation of your dream as where you joy begins?

If you just focus on feeling good — but with the knowing that by feeling good you will experience more things that make you feel good — then your dream will not only unfold in ways you imagined, but also in ways beyond what you have imagined. This kind of magic can only happen when you are not grasping at your dream from the fear it may not happen. Hold the idea of your dream lightly, such that it can evolve to surprise and delight you.

Feel your dream — don’t think it. When you feel good, there is nothing else you need to do except let that feeling unfold.

The law of attraction does not mean that the universe “delivers” back to you what you feel. This idea of delivery makes sense when you think of your dream as possessions or circumstances that could be “given” to you. But we are talking about feelings. And these aren’t “delivered”There is no delivery service for feelings; reality is a mirror of your feeling.

The very fabric, the very mechanism of reality is a mirror of our feeling because it is a mirror of our spirit. So, if you feel good, if you breathe through that feeling of your spirit and its freedom, you will disentangle your story of struggle or difficulty (the ways in which you have played the game of struggle with yourself).

If you breathe through your struggles, the beauty of the feeling of your spirit will emerge as the living of your life.

Focus on whatever makes you feel good. Focus on feeling content, feeling happy, and feeling appreciative of the good things in your life. No matter how small they are, everyone has things they can appreciate.

Where you choose to focus will greatly influence the creation of your feeling. Consciously choose where you are focusing from a place of feeling your center and balance. The noise of the world will lead you to focus on many things, butyou have the choice of where you place your focus and I want you to observe how this is the main determinant of how you then end up feeling.

This good feeling feeds back on itself through the mirror of reality and you will spiral into joy.

For a period of one month / week / day just focus on feeling good. Make your choices around feeling good, whilst appreciating your life, appreciating the experience, appreciating yourself. See your obstacles so you can release them. Only you can do this. Only you can free yourself. For you are the light that you seek.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Then it is time to stop, breathe, and see what focusing on your state of feeling does without concern for the details. The choice to feel good is to make feeling good the focus of your life.

  • Focus yourself with this conscious intention.

  • Choose how you want to feel and live it.

  • Embrace yourself and radiate All That You Are — the radiance of feeling good.

Unleash your feeling — knowing full well that your desires will always be springing from you. All you need to focus on is feeling good. Understand that the law of attraction is a mechanism of the universe, and it has no agenda for you. It is just a process of this reality. It is how non-physical energy emerges into physicality.

You are not doing some deal with “the Universe” when you ask for the good things in your life. You are not here to barter for good things. There is no external force in that way. It is just you and your energy choosing to emerge into a physical reality.

The law of attraction describes how your feelings become your form. To master it is to have taken the journey of knowing yourself through feeling.


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