The Neverending Story — How Everything Is Circular And Eternal


Linearity is an illusion. Embrace the circularity of life to awaken.

Today’s article explores how the awakening process can be understood as seeing through the illusion of linearity and understanding how everything in creation is circular. It’s a pretty mind-bending concept that, when you get it, becomes a key to understanding many of the most profound spiritual concepts.

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A Picture Of Circularity.

Imagine a large gold ring rotating horizontally in the air front of you and, as it rotates, you are reading a sentence engraved on its outer edge. It says,

“next it is summer, then it is fall, next it is winter, then it is spring,”

A never-ending story with no beginning and no end. A story that makes perfect sense as it is describing the cyclical process of the ever changing seasons.

What is seen here is that even something linear (like a sentence in our language) can be turned into something infinite and eternal if it describes something that is cyclical and written in a circle — as seen in the symbol of a snake eating its tail.

Now, if you imagine the ring to be larger — perhaps telling a more detailed story of the seasons — then if you stand close up to the rotating ring, such that you can only see a few words at a time, it is possible to not realize it is a looping message.

Therefore, as the ring rotated, you would see the description coming into view as a probability for the future, as it passes us by you experience it as the present, and then you would see the season it described become the past.What this demonstrates is how, when we are deep in the illusion of something circular, it is possible to experience it in an entirely linear way and not see the bigger picture of the repeating story.

This is like the joke about a fish going around-and-around its fishbowl and, because it has such a short memory, each time it goes around everything feels new, as it does not realize it is going in circles.

Different Starting Points.

Another interesting feature of this golden ring that describes our yearly cycle is that when someone starts reading it, they each start reading from a different place in the cycle. For example, one person may start with it being summer, while another person starts reading when it is winter.

What is fascinating about this, is how different starting points give rise to different experiences of the cyclical story — even though it is the same repeating story.

This concept could be conceived of as a baby beginning to read the ring when it is born, but due to how a baby is still learning to comprehend, it may be easier for you to imagine an alien arriving on this planet (at a time before electricity and other modern comforts) and living with a human family.

See how different the experience would be if the alien arrived in the cold of winter, perhaps spending most of their first months indoors and living mainly off preserved foods, versus arriving in the summer, spending more time in the greenery of nature, and eating a wide variety of fresh foods.

To have two such diverse experiences of the world upon arrival would lead to widely different descriptions about what this world was like. Therefore, if four aliens arrived — one in each season — they would each develop a different belief system about the nature of being human according to what season they arrived in.

After a few years of experience — and perhaps through comparing notes — these four aliens would come to understand the yearly cycle of seasons, but they would each see that cycle uniquely, according to which season they started in.

Our scientific, logical minds want to believe that knowledge is king. And we cling to the idea that if everyone had the same facts, they would believe the same things no matter what their past emotional experiences were. But this is rarely the case because no one — not even the most hardened scientist — is only mental. We are emotional beings and the emotional experience of how the seasons were first met will always influence how they are experienced.

It should also be noted that the differing effects of the seasons were experienced in a far more extreme way in the past before modern heating, lighting and food preservation. In such times — which are still significantly present in our world today — the different seasons could be identified with emotive experiences such as plentiful versus scarce, difficult versus easy, and beautiful versus baron.

I love technology, but it should be noted that one of its shadows is the way in which it can blind us to natural cycles that surround us.

Cycles within Cycles.

Now let us open this concept up to imagine that this cyclical story of life has many layers, with cycles within cycles. Here, we are not just speaking of physical cycles, but emotional ones such as:

  • Love — Loss — Healing — Love

  • Trust — Betrayal — Forgiveness — Trust

  • Flow — Lack — Fear — Drought — Hope — Flow

  • Triumph — Persecution — Courage — Growth — Triumph

Imagine these cycles are woven into the story around the ring, with each of them running at different speeds according to how much attention is given to them. We are still speaking here of a linear story written around the ring, but now with multiple layers of story that all spiral through each other. This gives a level of complexity and variation such that it becomes impossible to conceive the entire cycle.

When we add in this complexity, we begin to see how the timing of our birth-choice — which is when we start reading / telling the story of our lives — has an amazing impact on our life experience.

  • Did you choose to birth into love or neglect?

  • Did you start life with a feast or a famine?

  • Are your first feelings light or dark, positive or negative?

  • Did you enter a world that welcomed you or rejected you?

  • Did you enter a body that was strong or weak?

  • Are your first memories of beauty or horror?

The choice of our initial experience is the choice of foundation upon which our individuality, our diversity, and our uniqueness arise.

This is how, even though we are all an expression of unified eternal-consciousness, we each have a unique experience of being human.

The One Story.

The amazing thing being described here is that each of us is reading the same story off of the same ring and that is — when the whole ring is seen — The Story of Human Life.

The diversity in our world arises not from us each telling different stories, but the point from which each of us starts within the one cyclical story of being human.

This is the understanding that, although we each have different DNA (in terms of what is switched on or off / what is made conscious or unconscious), there is a way in which all humans can be said to have the same pattern of DNA. We are, therefore, not as different from each other as we think.

We are not different things.

We are the same thing expressed differently.

Each human that births is unique because there are infinite starting points of where you can begin reading the Human Story. No two people ever experience this story of life at the exact same point, therefore no two people are ever telling the story in the same way, and yet, every person is telling the same story.

  • We are each a unique perspective on the same eternal, infinite story.

  • We are each a unique perspective on the same reality.

  • We are each a unique perspective on the one eternal state of unified consciousness.

We are each telling the same story, and yet it sounds different from each of us because we all start telling that same story from a different point in its cycle.

We are each the same, and yet we are each having a different experience.

We are each eternal-consciousness (AKA Source Consciousness / the Tao / All That Is / God, and yet we are in a vessel of individualized perception and therefore expression. We are each in a shared reality that is created by entering the story written on the golden ring (that represents the one infinite, eternal story of being human).

A mirror of the golden ring in this world is our DNA, the deeper realization being that we essentially all have the same DNA structure; we just express it differently in terms of which genes are active.

This is also the state of perception where you see how — from an incredibly wide and inclusive perspective:

  • there is only one woman.

  • there is only one man.

  • there is only one parent.

  • there is only one child.

  • there is only one circular story being told.

  • everything is holographic.

The Story of Enlightenment.

Going deeper, it can be seen that if everyone is telling the same story (just from different places / perspectives), then that story must be the Story of Enlightenment.

We are the expression of a single consciousness and the experience of this reality is the story we are each telling. The story we are each telling arises from looking in the same mirror — the space-time mirror through which we experience individuation. This is the process of surrendering to the experience of our lives, instead of resisting our experience through an idea that we did not choose to be exactly as we are. This is to allow yourself to be as you are and to know thyself through that experience.

The one story we are all telling is the experience of self-discovery — the path of know thyself — the path of Enlightenment. This is how all paths, whether spiritual or not, lead to awakening.

All paths are the one path — just from a different perspective.

There is only One Story, there is only One Self, there is only One Consciousness, just experienced from infinite perspectives. This is why there is no right or wrong path. All paths lead to the understanding of the self as being infinite (God), for they all lead us to the discovery of that which we are — eternal-consciousness

The birth of this infinite perspective through many individuals is the birth of multi-dimensionality, the birth of our Individuated Self and Other, the creation of definition, the birth of diversity within the womb of unity. Humanity is an expression of the One becoming the Many.

We are each white light refracted into a rainbow.

A complete rainbow is a multilayered circle.

Oneness has always been. Oneness simply “is” and this cannot be changed or lost. Oneness pervades and underlies everything. This reality is not broken or a mistake and we only ever think it is when we do not see our shared origin, our shared choice, our shared consciousness (the full circle).

The miracle of this reality is precisely that we can look at each other and experience ourselves as different, as diverse, as unique. The diversity of this world is the foundation of the illusion of contrast through which we are so deliciously expanding.

The Possibility for Competition.

When it is understood that we are all an expression of the same eternal-consciousness, then it is a miracle that we can argue, that we can disagree, that we can fight. Here we are, one being, each telling the same story of life, each saying the same thing, each describing the same experience, and all disagreeing about it!

The human experience of contrast is one of the great wonders of creation.

To our spirit, it is a bizarre wonder to see through the illusion and see us shouting at our own reflection in the mirror of reality. This is the gift of the infinite perspective that birthed from within the one undivided consciousness to create the miracle of infinite diverse realities, each holographically containing and reflecting the infinite diversity.

Within you, within all of us, is infinite diversity.

This means that if we weren’t all disagreeing with each other, claiming we are right and others as wrong, and generally being competitive idiots, then everyone would just wake up!

This is because when you do not doubt your own experience, when you do not deem yourself to be less than another, when you unashamedly allow yourself to be who you are, then you experience the sheer beauty of the whole — the beauty of life, the beauty of consciousness, the beauty of that which you are.

You wake up to the whole circle instead of just what you perceive as your individuated bit of it.

We are that which has chosen to contain itself within illusions that hold us from seeing All That We Are, and that has not been a mistake. We enter into the experience of linearity with a clear intention to explore ourselves through experience.

Our Choice to be Limited.

We are collectively, as a unified choice, the force that keeps ourselves unconscious of our wider nature. We do this through the part of us that desires to compete, that desires to be right, that desires to be better than another. We are choosing the experience of being asleep within every moment where we have fed ourselves with meanings derived from the illusion of hierarchy — a foundational part of the illusion which has been the linchpin of the illusion of separation in this reality.

Our spirit continues to exist outside the illusion created by our unconsciousness. It sees the whole story or, in terms of our metaphor, it could be said it sees the whole golden ring.

Our spirit sees us (its own embodiment) within the illusion, reading the ring in a linear way. So we each, as an embodiment of consciousness, have this experience of linear time and finiteness, while our spirit sees the whole story at once by seeing the golden ring and the cyclical story of life it tells.

This is the realization that our spirit does not leave the experience of unity in order to become human. To come to Earth is not to partition yourself off from the realization of Oneness. It is to take on a limited (because you can no longer see the bigger picture), finite, linear perspective in order to experience a defined, individuated experience of self.

By taking on an infinite number of more limited viewpoints, eternal-consciousness is expanding through the experience of itself in ever new ways that are all interacting with each other.

You Are A Bridge

Through awakening to your wider nature, you have the option to bridge between the incarnate linear viewpoint and the multi-dimensional viewpoint of spirit. This is the choice to become multi-dimensional whilst still within embodiment, within individuality, within tangible diversity.

This shift represents an explosion of consciousness as it essentially evolves the circular experience into a spiraling one (with each revolution experienced as an evolution of the last).

Technically our experience has always has been a spiral — due to the expansion that has resulted from the creation of this reality — but by awakening, the spiral accelerates such that the cycles becomes easier to see. This is the thinning of the veil — the remembering — the thinning of the illusion.

Awakening is our choice to wake up to the next stage of human evolution through a new foundational understanding of what we are.

What is so incredible about being human is that in waking up, we are not returning to the previous state of unified consciousness from which we birthed. We are not shedding our diversity. We are coming to experience our Oneness bridged with our diversity.

This is the birth of Unified Diversity.

And that is why you, your life, and this world are so friggin’ amazing!


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