The Wondrous Mirror of Relativity.


embrace Your human experience.

It is easy to look at this planet and focus upon the difficulty, the suffering, the pain, the lack, the alienation, the depression, the anger, the hatred, the prejudice, the ignorance and the fear. It is equally easy to look at the history of this world and instantly think of the wars, the famines, the conflicts, and atrocities. These things draw our attention because they are the energies that are most tangibly seeking resolution — they call out to us. They are energies that, if they appear in our own experience, we seek to transform, and so we look into the world and feel them in this same way — with a love for healing that which is wounded.

In just the same way, when we look at our own pasts we tend to remember the most dramatic and difficult events, more than the times of ease and flow.

Drama has more tangibility, more definition, harder edges. It is natural for it to jump out at us and dominate our perception. This is a reflection of society — just look at the News and what we are choosing it to focus our mass attention upon.

The “news media” is not the perpetrator of some crime in this; it simply shows us what people are most interested in seeing — that is how the media works. Our televisions and Internet are continually broadcasting what people want to see — that is how they seek and perceive their own success. And, while it is true that it has a distorted hypnotic effect — maybe with a corporate agenda behind it — those who watch it desire to be under that spell.

All who perceive something are feeding into its creation and place in our world.

The mass media only ever seeks to fulfill people’s desire for experience, and it is within our current unfolding nature to focus upon a disaster more than a celebration. I am not presenting this tendency as something to fear. I am presenting it for us to each see it such that we can be conscious when this tendency is in operation.

This seemingly masochistic phenomenon is due to the relativity of experience. ALL experience in this world is relative. The understanding of this relativity is a key step to opening yourself to Source perspective. Though we tend to hold many beliefs to be absolute that is only through a belief in the absolute. The absolute is an illusion. All that we point to as truth is a state of definition that is in constant evolution. The floors and ceilings of experience within this reality are constantly changing. All experience is only ever in relation to other experience.

When you are poor, a month’s salary is a lot of money. When you are rich that same amount is a paltry sum. If you have struggled with money, no matter how you may feel you would remember appreciating the value of money, when you are in ease your perspective will inevitably change because the basis from which you are relating has changed. When your abundance improves so what you desire will always evolve in relation to it.

To understand this is to see why money can never be the answer. If you are someone with blocks which are manifest as abundance blocks then, if you are given money, your blocks will simply take on a new form because they will always manifest relative to your experience. This is how relativity works and it is not a curse; it is what allows eternally unfolding evolution, which is to say the joy of eternal new experiences.

The absolute cannot exist within eternal new experiences. Nothing external can ever, in itself, solve something internal. This is why no one can ever “save”you or “heal” you except yourself. This does not however mean that the external is not of incredible value; our experience of the external is that of an ever clarifying mirror. It is the mirror that shows you to yourself undistorted. Though what it presents is encoded, it is not distorted. Through your choice of perception you can distort how you choose to experience it, but reality, in itself, is not distorted. It is clear. It is a mirror of our eternal, infinite nature. You, the mirror, and the experience of your spirit, are as one. When we are here, within the relative experience, we take this for granted. We cannot help but experience ourselves because we are in the reflection of our Self.

A part of the paradox is that much of the power of this reality is the ability to believe that you are not looking at yourself. One of the most potent parts of awakening is awakening to realize that you are within a mirror of your own energy. Eternal-consciousness can only ever look at itself because it is All That Is — it is everything. There is nothing that it is not. However, from within relative experience, there are degrees of looking at yourself — degrees of clarity, and that is to say degrees of light.

Our spirit — which is our Self — is our experience of Light.

It is important here to qualify my use of the word “light”. Light is clarity, it is seeing. We see with light. Without light we do not see. Without light there is no seeing, there is no clarity, there is no reflection. Light creates seeing. Seeing and light are as one. Without seeing there is no light, without light there is no seeing. Source Consciousness created light as a mechanism through which it could see and thereby experience itself. There is no state of completely not seeing, for where there is no seeing there is no experience. Presence does not have an opposite. Light as I speak of it does not have an opposite. It is not dualistic.

Light is not opposed to darkness. There is no source of darkness. The darkest place is merely a description of the place with the least light. There is no place of complete darkness within all that has ever been experienced because without light there is no experience. So there are only degrees of light which gives rise to the experience of darkness, but darkness is only a description of the amount of light — darkness is not something in itself.

To speak of degrees is to speak of relative amounts, which is to say, darkness can only be experienced within a relative reality, such as the human experience. Darkness is therefore a description of the refraction or masking of the light. Darkness is a creation of the light. The experience of darkness is light disguising itself from itself.

Within relativity, the more brilliant the light, the more brilliant the seeing. Brilliance of light is a relative description in the same way that darkness is. Within this world there is such a contrast of experience. We have the experience of pitch black (though within this we can still feel, hear, touch and think — all experiences of Eternal Source Consciousness, and therefore light). We also have the experience of the sun — a light so brilliant that we are blinded (sent to darkness) if we look directly at it for too long. These are equally metaphors for hopelessness and rapture.

Within this relative experience, you only have the experience of relativity. Though we may project it onto Source Consciousness, there really is no experience beyond or wider than this reality in which to put this relativity in any form of context or objective understanding. Within the core Source experience, outside of our relativity, there is Oneness which is an absence of relativity. The closest experience within Source Consciousness to relativity is the choice to enter relativity in order to experience it and thereby know what it is.

What I am pointing to here is that this reality is the experience of this reality, and it cannot be held in experience (or memory) from outside of itself. What we perceive of as eternal consciousness, which we tend to see as being “all knowing”, does not know what relativity feels like. We are each Source Consciousness knowing what relativity feels like.

Once this idea that this experience only exists when you are in it is understood, we can begin to see the true value of this reality and why we keep coming back. The degree of relativity — or contrast — is a measure of the power of the experience of the light here and the human experience contains the most incredible degree of contrast and therefore the most incredible experience of the light. The light is brighter here.

This is pointing to a profound paradox and to stand within an experience of paradox is to see with incredible clarity. The paradox is that the experience of the light here — where there is this diffraction of the light — is more profound than within the light itself. The light here is not more profound or brighter, but the experience of it is. The experience of darkness makes the light relatively brighter, makes the light more clarifying.

Within “the light” / Source Consciousness / spirit there is only the light. It just is. It has nothing to experience itself in relation to. Within Source Consciousness it is neither bright nor dim; it is neither clarifying nor clouding. To give an example of the same phenomenon in this world, imagine that there was no differentiation of financial abundance and every person received the same generous amount of money every day. With no difference there would be no experience of financial abundance. It simply would not exist as an experience.

Experience as we know it and value it, requires a relational experience. Without poverty there is no affluence. The qualities that we ascribe to affluence, the qualities through which we define it, only exist in relation to their opposite. If there was only affluence, then there would be no experienceof affluence and we as Eternal Consciousness have wished to experience affluence. We each chose the human experience because we wanted a high degree of contrast.

Those that are incarnate here are the sky divers — the BASE jumpers — the thrill seekers of Eternal Consciousness. You have hurled yourself out of the known into the free fall of expansion of the unknown. You are the explosion of the One into the many. You are a surfer, riding the wave of the Big Bang. Though you may still experience the exhilaration of fear, you are fearless in how you have dived into the experience of this reality.