Why You Want to be Human & Not God.


Understanding your infinite freedom to be anything.

If you imagine your spirit — the unified state of eternal-consciousness from which we all flow — as being a white light, then to be human is to live within the infinite rainbow of colors created through the experience of differentiation. Our experience of freedom rests on our ability to differentiate one thing from another such that we can choose which color we want to be. This rainbow spectrum in this analogy represents the infinite continuum of energy states that we are free to explore. Prior to this — within the unified state of eternal-consciousness that religion calls “God” — there was only white light. There was only one choice.

Prior to the existence of choice, there was no feeling or sensation of free will because there was nothing God could will to be different, because difference did not exist.

This is the realization that the concept of choice — as we have come to know and love it — does not exist within our unified source of consciousness. The only “choice” that source consciousness has ever known is the conception of choice. All choices are the unfolding of the choice to experience choice. Through the diffraction into the rainbow of differentiation — which we experience as the world — we experience the freedom of choosing which of the infinitely unique colors in the spectrum we wish to be. We choose the frequency at which we wish to vibrate. This is choosing the feeling of our Self.

This is equivalent to “the One” becoming “the Many” which can be seen as the archetypal first choice that all choices have since birthed from. Everything in existence has emerged from this original conception of choice.

In this world there is a sense of limitation because one color in the rainbow is not every color. While we are in this physical and temporal world of differentiation, we experience ourselves as one thing rather than all things. However, we do contain the potential to be any-thing. So while you cannot be every-thing at once, there is no-thing you cannot be. So there is a sense in which you are limited to being one thing, but you have the freedom for that one thing — that one vibration — to be whatever you want it to be.

For example, imagine you want to be a great master at something (such as a great artist, a great chef, a great writer, a great parent, or a great singer). You are free to choose any field in which to excel. This is the freedom of your choice “to be”. However, to choose one of them and focus upon it is equally a choice to not focus on the others. This is to decide not to be a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. Every field of expertise is a potential choice to focus your being upon a limited area such that you develop it. This is the exciting journey of unfolding an experience of mastery, but it is also to understand that the mastery of one thing is always at the expense of all the other options.

Mastery is the choice to focus your experience.

What is being pointed to here is the perspective from which it can be said that your freedom is a product of the choice for eternal-consciousness to differentiate itself and limit itself to being one vibration at a time.

The notion of time is significant here, as time (along with matter), is one of the primary ways in which the differentiation of being occurs in this reality.

Time separates one experience of vibration from another. With time you can be one vibration today — such as your relaxed self — and be a different vibration tomorrow — such as your excited self. So although you are limited to one vibration at time, you can experience many vibrations within one lifetime (or even in one day).

It is significant that we experience only one body at a time. Having one set of biological senses is the basis and reflection of only experiencing one vibration at a time. From the widest perspective of realizing that there is only one consciousness, eternal-consciousness is every one of us. “That which we are” is every-body, but we are choosing to be the focus of one body. Through the symbol of the vessel of a body, we are gifted the diverse experience of self and other.

Although we can only be ONE vibration at a time, that single vibration can be a mix of MANY vibrations.

To use a cooking analogy, you can — on different days — be each of the ingredients that make a cake, and then you can choose to mix them all and “be the cake”. Each of the individual ingredients represents one experience of taste. The cake is also one experience of taste even though it is made up of a mix of many tastes / ingredients.

  • You can only ever taste one taste at a time, but that one taste can be a mix of many tastes.

  • You can mix as many colors together as you like, but when they are blended, they always become one new color.

  • You can only experience one vibration at a time, but there is no limit to how many vibrations you can mix into that experience.

  • In this world you are one thing experiencing many things. You are infinite-consciousness within differentiation.

You are “the One” in the experience of “the Many”.

This mixing of many into one can also be spoken of as “bridging” them. When you bridge two different experiences / vibrations within yourself, and experience the product of them in acceptance and allowance — as opposed to resistance, discomfort or fear — then you unify them. This experience of bridging is in fact, at this point in history, the thing we as a species are most engaged in. We have tasted so much through this world and now we are unifying it through the bridging those diverse experiences (which looks initially likes many sides clashing).

This is clearly demonstrated in our creation of the unifying Internet which is a mechanism that connects many people across highly contrasting experiences. This represents the move towards the state of Unified Diversity that we are choosing to collectively create as we journey further into the mass awakening, which is the inevitable conclusion of travelling into and then returning from a perceptual state of separation.

Within one lifetime, you cannot hope or expect to be a master of every discipline. You are limited to one body that lives a finite amount of time. You are limited by time and space. So how is this reality a powerful, transformative experience of freedom?

This ability to focus your being upon one note in the musical scale / upon one color of the rainbow / upon one ideology is incredible. God has never tasted ice-cream in isolation. It has only ever tasted it simultaneously with every other taste (everything from dirt to caviar). What we may call a limitation is — in this context — a great freedom. To be able to have a focused experience that is separate from the experience of the whole is what makes this reality so incredible.

See the perspective from which you would not want to be a master of everything. See how this world would be so much less interesting if everyone was master of everything. It would be a world without diversity.

We want to be diverse more than we want to be masters of everything.

How would it be if you loved everyone equally? There would be no “love of your life”. No particular people would ever stand out for you. No one would excite you more than anyone else. In a world where everything is equally attractive — when the pull of attraction is equal in every direction — that pull is cancelled out.

What if you loved every taste equally? There would have been no drive to create the incredible diversity of recipes that we have. In a world without diversity nothing excels, nothing is driven to expand (as there is nothing to expand into).

To see what is being said here is to see the incredible paradox of this world. The beauty of the diversity of this world is created through the illusion of self-limitation. The freedom to explore, navigate, and unfold this diversity is created by being limited. You can experience freedom because you are limited. This is equivalent to saying that you are only free because you are limited. You have limited yourself to one body, one set of biological senses and one field of conscious focus.

The experience of freedom is created by the experience of limitation. Your focus is your freedom.

The limitation of this world is purposeful. It is not a mistake. We do not want unlimited experience. Why? Because we found it to be limited. Being eternal-consciousness, being All That Is, being totally unified with no internal division, being omnipresent, being omnipotent, being infinite, being unlimited, was limiting — was not as free as we are now.

From this you could say that God is limited and we are free but the deeper realization is that we are God experiencing the freedom of a mortal, individuated, focus.

We are each source consciousness in this world and we are being freer by being limited. At our core — which is to say in our heart — we are each infinite and eternal; so although we are individually limited, we are each connected to every experience. Eternal-consciousness is a master at everything. And we, as eternal-consciousness, have access to all that it is. We are each every life and every master. But in this life, in this body, you are the master of yourself. You have given yourself a Self to be master of, and you are entirely free to focus that self as anything. In that, there is no limit. In that, you are totally free.

See the limitation you experience in this world as the foundation of your freedom and you will cease to experience freedom through a dualistic “limited versus free” polarity. Experience the freedom in limitation and step into the eternal perfection of the present moment.

You are only free because you are free to be limited. You are choosing your limitations from a basis of infinite freedom. You are eternal-consciousness, and within you is the knowing of what all states that have ever been are, and with that knowing you are choosing the experience of you.

The only thing you are ever pushing against in this world is the infinite potential of your freedom to choose.

Love your freedom to love yourself.


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