You Are Eternal-Consciousness (AKA God): How We Are All One Consciousness


The unconsciousness of sleep bookends, and thereby defines, each day of our consciousness. This is despite our experience continuing as we sleep, but in a fashion that is beyond the clear recall (and comprehension) of our daily awareness.

What we call the unconsciousness of sleep is a part of our undivided, full-spectrum experience of consciousness that we are perceptually separated from when embodied. As such, unconsciousness is not a state of non-experience; it is a state of experience that we do not have recall of. It is that which has been forgotten.

In the same way that your experience of consciousness does not cease when you sleep, it equally continues between lives.

Just as you have lived many days before this one, you have also lived many lives. Our unconsciousness of the time before our birth and the time after our death is not a state of non-experience (like sleep). It is a level of experience that we do not have access to when alive. Therefore, just as the unconsciousness of sleep bookends each day, so it is that our unconsciousness of our experience before our birth and after our death delineates our mortal life. The reason we choose to forget this wider state of existence is because the human-experience birthed from our desire to temporarily forget our eternal experience of consciousness in order to experience a mortal life in a shared environment.

Our consciousness is the only part of us that is capable of bridging the perception of both the physical and the non-physical (which corresponds to the mortal and the immortal). Unconsciousness acts as a barrier that blinds us to that freedom of perception. It acts as a limit on that which is immortal and infinite. This allows eternal-consciousness to experience being mortal and limited.

Birth and death are illusionary divides in experience that are like using names and boundary lines to divide up the one ocean on Earth.

Mortality is created by the dividing of up of all consciousness into what you are conscious of and what you are unconscious of (which correlates to remembered versus forgotten). This is how we, from the level of spirit, perceptually define the territory of our embodied life. Through all lives, through all realities, through all the eternal, diverse experiences of existence we have shared, all that remains constant cannot therefore lie in the constantly varying details of what we may or may not be conscious of.

All that remains constant in mortal form is the fact that we are that which experiences a mix of both consciousness and unconsciousness. Even though the self that arises out of our mortal experience changes constantly (both within and across lives), what it experiences is infinite and the potential of our journey is eternal. Our spirit is what we most essentially are, as it is the only consistent quality we experience.

Key to understanding the attraction of mortality is the realization that partial consciousness is a completely different (not lesser) experience of awareness to full consciousness. This is because a self that is conscious of everything has no experience of unconsciousness through which to compare its experience of consciousness (no experience of is-not against which to experience is).

It is our ability to declare “I AM NOT” that gives such potency to the “I AM” of being human.

Even though our physical form is temporary and mortal, the partial experience of consciousness that we essentially are, is immortal (and surrounded by an infinite potential for experience).

Because consciousness is not physical, it cannot be divided. When something cannot be divided from itself then there can only be one of it (like the ocean on Earth). Therefore, there is only one consciousness in existence that encompasses all experiences of space and time. It is the sum of all awareness. This unified level of consciousness is what we all are; we are “it” choosing to experience being an individual.

In each of us having different physical bodies that birth into an extremely wide range of circumstances, our personal experiences of self are so different that the commonality of our consciousness is effectively masked. At the heart of this mask is a fear of realizing All That We Are. This is because to awaken to the wider nature of consciousness, having been so identified with our physical form, is to so radically transform your experience of self that it is equivalent to consciously choosing death (because the self you were will die and a new experience of self will replace it).

This is why we built a fear of death into us (which is a fear of all that is unknown, different, and infinite) to preserve our individuality when mortal. It is this fear of death, of change, of “the unknown” that creates a repulsive and dividing force that allows us to state our difference and say, “MY consciousness is different from YOUR consciousness.”

The blindness that this fear creates is our denial that if we were stood in our enemy’s shoes, having lived their life, then we would act as they do.

All beliefs that deny this are reflections of how we fear (and thereby judge) not only others, but our own nature. We each have many faces / aspects through which we not only express ourselves, but through which we experience and interpret the world. We also have many versions of our selfthat we experience across our lifetime.

What this illustrates is, despite how we see ourselves as singular, we are each already within a state of consciousness that unites many diverse experiences of self. Just as you have these many versions of your self, so it is that the wider, unified-level of consciousness knows All That Is Life as extensions of itself.

This unified, eternal state of consciousness is what religion calls God, but while religion has set “the divine” up as being both separate from (and above) us, we each retain the power to realize that we are this infinite level of consciousness; it is what we are.

We are eternal-consciousness (God) choosing to be human.

To be mortal isn’t to be “fallen” or “less than”. Mortality is not a mistake — it is the only thing that eternal-consciousness (the immortal) desires. We each came here to experience being individuated and mortal, but no particular form of mortality (such as being human) was designed to be experienced without end — because there are infinite, diverse forms for consciousness to experience.

All experiences of mortality (which are a journey into forgetting) are designed to loop around and become experiences of remembering. This means that each of us will eventually remember that not only have we been every life on Earth, but we are also all the states of consciousness that exist outside of our human experience. This is the choice to wake up and remember that we are not only the individual we know ourselves to be, but we are also, at the deepest level within us, the consciousness that knows itself as the collective of all.

Beyond the individuation of our physicality, we are a single, unified, eternal state of consciousness.

The experience of this life is a gift that eternal-consciousness gave to itself with infinite wisdom. Being a gift given with unconditional love, your life comes with no obligations or duties other than to be who you are (which is something you cannot help but be). With this understood, know there is a choice that you can choose to make within this life — the choice to awaken to your wider spiritual nature.

This awakening is not experienced by focusing away from what you are, it is a journey deep into the allowance of yourself to be whatever you most clearly feel yourself to be. It is through fearlessly being yourself that you will come to not only understand why you have given this life to yourself, but you will also remember the level of consciousness from which you chose this life.

My writing expresses the experience of knowing that exists at that level of consciousness and, through it, I seek to offer a vision of spirituality and consciousness free of the fear, control, intolerance, and judgment of so much of religion.

You are infinitely free consciousness and the only “devil” or “evil” is our fear of ourselves. Be free. BE YOU.

REFERENCE: This is the brand new opening text of BOOK ONE - I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD. which is an updated version of my 2005 book “You Are God. Get Over It!” (available from Amazon).