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This is an updated version of my second book You Are God. Get Over It! that is an on-going project. It currently has a new opening text and 4 ‘unfoldings’ have been updated and expanded.

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I am releasing texts for this upcoming book to patrons as soon as they are finalized (with an audio edition of each). This is based upon my first bookThe Messiah Seed but is far more than an expansion of that text.

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Seeing Our Unity Is Just The First Step In Awakening.
This is the first of several articles on perception and Seeing Others Clearly. Through this we will explore and open our understanding of how we perceive and relate to each other. Includes the concept of karma as the realization that you are always acting directly on yourself. Read all six Seeing Others Clearly articles on one page.

To Embrace “Other” Is To Integrate More Of Yourself.
Seeing Others Clearly Part 2 - What happens when you realize that seeing we are all one doesn’t cause you to transcend the illusion, but only makes you conscious of it? What happens when you realize that awakening is not an end-destination, but the beginning of a new experience of reality?

The Realization Of Self Within Other.
Seeing Others Clearly Part 3 - The people who surround you aren’t just some random selection of humanity, they are a web of meaning — presented as the face of other — which reflects your desire to expand in a particular direction.

How "The Light" Created "The Dark".
The mythical tale of light and dark - Once upon a time there was a light, and it gave birth to more lights such that there was a family of lights. And so there was light and there was only light — light experiencing light. Some of the lights began to wonder what they were that they were light.

The Dance of Self and Other - An Invitation to Love.
Seeing Others Clearly Part 4 - This articles goes directly to the heart of what “other” is such that we meet exactly what it is — at an archetypal / design level — that causes us to resist it.

The Futility Of Being Angry At Ignorance.
Seeing Others Clearly Part 5 - Over this articles I want to share the stage I went through on my journey of dealing with my own negative feelings, instead of projecting them onto others in the form of prejudice.

For the Open-Minded to Hate the Narrow-Minded is for Butterflies to Hate Caterpillars.
Seeing Others Clearly Part 6 - the conclusion to to the six article Seeing Other Clearly series which explores how all lives are connected and the prejudice of time.

Read all six Seeing Others Clearly articles on one page.

Seeing Oneness—The Simplicity Of Our Unity (abridged version).
Seeing Oneness—The Simplicity Of Our Unity (full version).
This article started with the intention of expressing a simple origami analogy for how we are all one, but then spontaneously evolved by using this analogy to further explore the concept of awakening.

Projection 101 —The Power Of Recognizing Your Own Unconsciousness.
We each know what we know, but we do not know what it is we do not know. This article explores how special our strange “human” state of partial consciousness is and he paradox of how becoming conscious that you are partially conscious will evolve your experience of self.

We Are Spirit Taking “The Human Pill”. (audio edition)
This article explores the ways in which you are NOT lack — even though we all experience it. Your spirit does not know the experience of lack except through its embodied experiences of self (such as you).

Seeing the Packaging — We Are All Spirit In Human Form.
An esoteric exploration of “the package” we each present to the world. To come to see your embodiment as packaging is to see the state of eternal-consciousness that is packaging itself through infinite realities.

Superman and the Religious Wound—TheLegend of Kal-El.
This article continues some of the themes of inclusivity from the Seeing Others Clearly series and explores the idea of religious wounding closing down our inner-senses.

The Nature and Origin of Control.
Care Not How You Are Perceived — Part 1. This article brings your awareness to the energy of control that operates within each of us. Includes the relationship between control, creation, and suffering as well as how healing cannot work through control.

Transforming Our Desire To Control How We Are Perceived.
Care Not How You Are Perceived — Part 2. Even when we no longer seek to control other people, we still tend to fall into patterns of being controlling when it comes to our attachment to how other people perceive us.

Don’t Let Your Ideal Self Be A Prison.
Care Not How You Are Perceived — Part 3. How do you want to be perceived? Is there an ideal self you are trying to create? Is it based more in thought or feeling?

The Norms That Bind Us. Breaking The Mold.
Care Not How You Are Perceived — Part 4. This article explores the societal norms and family pressures which operate subconsciously within us.

Creating Space For Rebirth Where There Was Once Control.
Care Not How You Are Perceived — Part 5. The series close by bringing all the ideas together and leading you through a powerful energetic exercise.

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Contains 30 Gnostic Writer articles from Fall 2018 covering a wide variety of metaphysical topics but with a focus abundance and understanding the circularity of life.

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Contains 44 Gnostic Writer articles from Summer 2018 covering a wide variety of metaphysical topics.

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